Hourglass of Ashes

Getting at Granny's Chest
Game 1 (9/20/18)

The party is contacted by the Nathan Pullman to assist an unknown individual on behalf of the guild. When they go to meet their contact, they discover it to be Lady Vivian Bentancourt, daughter of Baron Gerald Bentancourt, to retrieve an antique chest that belonged to her grandmother ahead of her wedding to Lord William Eltz, heir of House Eltz. Her wedding is fast approaching and she desires the party to retrieve it, but asks for their discretion both in the nature of what they’re doing and her involvement in contracting them. She informs them that the chest is located in the crypts below the abbey of the estate. The estate was destroyed in fire many years ago, but the crypts were unharmed, however it has been abandoned since and some uninvited guests have made themselves at home.

The party sets off along the patrolled rode, taking it for half a day before turning off road towards the northern hills. After a brief bit of trouble with giant spiders, they make it to the ruins, only to discover that the family crest of Brenecade, not Betancourt, adornes the stone remains of the house.

The party proceeds into the crypts, leaving Marco, the fire-happy ex-priest/never-priest to set his skills to use above. After some sneaky footwork, the party confronts and dispatches with a group of goblins and humans who were using the crypts as a base. A single human manages to escape, while the head goblin, dressed in black robes flees into a back room. The party keeps watch while they solve the puzzle door (with use of detailed instructions in Lady Betancourt’s notes) and obtains the chest but not before desecrating and looting the graves of the Brenacade family. Deciding it would be best to know what they are delivering to their employer, they open the chest and see it contains a statue of the Crone, several books, some jewels, and what looks to be an ornate dress.

Granny’s chest secured, they move to deal with the head goblin, but discover he has dealt with himself. They find his body with a dagger in his chest. The fact that this self-inflicted damage was done at the center of an ornate circle surrounded by statues of the Nine Divines facing away seems bad, but the party still enters the room and takes the dagger-screwered heart with them. Upon doing so, an ominous rumble shook the house and they all dashed away. Once a safe distance, Marco saw to giant bats (as well as the entire temple structure).

The party makes it back safely and delivers the chest to Lady Betancourt— who seems so impressed with the group, invites them to assist with security at her upcoming wedding.


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