Time in Farn
Few remember a time before the common calendar. It was said to have been created after the mythic Shattering an eon ago. The calendar is maintained by the Hourglass of Ashes in the House of the Shinning One in Holy City of Devonport.

While the names of the months do still hold much meaning in Kingdom of Tyrland and in climates like it, it sometimes leads to some confusion in the far north and south. Druidic and nomadic cultures use crude calendars associated with the seasons for their common use, but default to the common calendar when speaking to outsiders.

The calendar of Farn has 12 30-day periods (tied to the lunar cycle) with a 5-day week in mid-Winter (by Devonport’s accounting) called Calldoron, when all of the Celestial Heavens vanish save for the Shinning One himself (see below).

Calldoron is a period of intense darkness at night as there is no moon and no stars. Even the most secular of houses keep their torches lit through the night for fear of what lurks in the darkness. It is said this is the time when mists that separate are thinnest, supposedly allowing spirits, deamons, and even the various realms to slip through accidentally. Magic becomes even more wild and uncontrolable than usual— but the most powerful wizards are said to be capable of mind-shattering feats.

Most large cities keep a grainery and supply of wine specifically for Calldoron and celebrate it with major feasts and festivals. For others, this is a holy period of worship and piety to plead that the gods return. Legends say that there were once two moons in the heavens and that they would cycle around the sky and align once a year for five days at the end of every year, but after one of the moons was destroyed during the Second Righteous War the remaining moon goes into mourning over the lost twin.

The lunar and solar cycles are synced. The full moon always occurs on the 15th, the new moon on the 30th. During Calldoron, the moon vanishes completely.

Each month is made of five six-day weeks: Sunday, Fireday, Waterday, Airday, Earthday, Moonday.

The month’s are Morning Star, Sun’s Dawn, First Seed, Rain’s Hand, Second Seed, Midyear, Sun’s Height, Last Seed, Hearthfire, Frostfall, Sun’s Dusk, Evening Star. The total number of days is 365.

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